The first and official edition of the 2023 European Weightlifting Federation Cup, held at the International Olympic Academy’s stadium, concludes with an impressive and unforgettable closing and award ceremony organized on the Ancient Stadium of Olympia, in its archaeological site.

Ancient Olympia

The evening was graced by the mesmerizing performance of the dancers of the Dance Theater ART, renowned for their role in the various official ceremonies of the lighting the Olympic Flame in Olympia. Led by the inspired choreographer, Artemis Ignatiou, with the soul-stirring music of Petros Tabouris and the exquisite costumes designed by Alexandros Kompogiorgas, the performance was a sight to behold. A poignant moment in their act was the representation of the athlete Bybon’s remarkable achievement dated in the 6th century B.C., where he lifted a staggering 143.5 kgs rock over his head, with a single hand, echoing the timeless spirit of Olympia.

Among the distinguished attendees were Fotis Kostarias, Vice Mayor of Olympia responsible for sports, the legendary Pyrros Dimas and the leadership of the EWF, including Board Members and IWF representatives.

Vice Mayor Fotis Kostarias, with a gleam of pride in his eyes, remarked, “Olympia has once again proven to be the cradle of athletic excellence. This event has seamlessly blended our rich heritage with modern-day prowess.”

Pyrros Dimas, ever the embodiment of Olympic spirit, shared, “To witness such an event in Olympia, where legends were born, has been an overwhelming experience. The future of weightlifting shines bright.”

EWF President Kt. Antonio Conflitti, reflecting on the event, stated, “The EWF Cup Olympia 2023 has been a monumental success and we are not the only ones saying it. It’s not just a competition, it’s a celebration of the indomitable spirit of weightlifting: the EWF Cup in Olympia has now become part of sport history and heritage.

The victory ceremony saw the champions being honored in a manner befitting the venue’s legacy. Teams and top athletes were awarded with intricately designed vases and the revered olive crown, symbols of supreme achievement and honor in ancient Greece.

Loredana TOMA and Marin ROBU, the best female and male athletes of the event, did a demonstration attempt, bringing again weightlifting into Ancient and Modern Olympia history.

EWF Cup Best Teams
EWF Cup 2023 best athletes lifts at Ancient Stadium
EWF Best Athletes

In conclusion, the EWF Cup Olympia 2023, from its inception to its grand finale, has been a testament to the collaborative efforts of the EWF, International Olympic Academy the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation and LOC, the unwavering dedication of the athletes, and the timeless allure of Olympia. As the curtains fall, the memories forged here will undoubtedly echo through the annals of weightlifting history.

Closing Ceremony LiveStream


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