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EWF Anti-Doping & Fair-Play Commissions​

"Support and Promote Clean and Fair Weightlifting - We Can't Do It Without You,"

The European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) is committed to ensuring the integrity of weightlifting as a sport. Embracing the motto “Support and Promote Clean and Fair Weightlifting – We Can’t Do It Without You,” the EWF consistently facilitates Anti-Doping and Fair-Play seminars, led by the heads of its dedicated commissions: Denise Offerman from the Anti-Doping Commission and Alexandru Padure from the Fair-Play Commission. These educational seminars are a staple at every EWF event and aim to address the sport’s ongoing challenges.

This initiative was highlighted at the European Junior and U23 Championships in Finland, from September 24th to October 3rd, 2021, where a series of Anti-Doping and Fair-Play seminars were successfully conducted.

The seminars in Rovaniemi saw participation from over 35 individuals hailing from a diverse array of nations including Finland, Romania, France, Iceland, Russia, Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Austria, and Spain, spanning across three sessions. Additionally, the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (SUEK) contributed a representative to the discussions.

Coinciding with the commencement of the competitions, the Opening Ceremony featured a special moment with the inclusion of the Fair-Play Relay. The Weightlifting Championships in Rovaniemi followed the Junior Judo European Championships in Vantaa, where Finnish judoka Louna-Lumia Seikkula passed the Fair-Play baton to the young weightlifters, extending best wishes for their endeavors.

Attendees of the sessions were honored with Certificates of Attendance, and the earliest registrants were also gifted T-shirts courtesy of Eleiko.

Marking a notable first in its history, the EWF presented the Fair Play Trophy at the 2021 European Championships in Rovaniemi. This inaugural trophy was awarded to a young Romanian weightlifter in recognition of her commendable conduct. Exhibiting social responsibility, she chose to remain isolated in her room pending the results of a COVID-19 test, consequently missing the weigh-in process. Despite receiving a negative test result which allowed her to end her isolation, the competition had already started. Her integrity was celebrated with the trophy, presented by Santa Claus and Lasha Talakhadse.

The European Weightlifting Federation’s steadfast initiatives, championed by the Anti-Doping & Fair-Play Commissions, culminate in a resolute commitment to upholding the principles of integrity and ethical conduct. The introduction of the Fair Play Trophy is a testament to this commitment, embodying the EWF’s vision for a future where fair competition and clean sport are the hallmarks of weightlifting’s esteemed tradition.

EWF Fair Play Commission presentation.