Ancient Olympia

The project of the first EWF Cup edition presented and promoted by the EWF Local Organizing Committee, during a press conference held Wednesday in the Municipality building of Olympia.

The 2023 EWF Olympia Cup is not just  European event, it is a global symphony that harmonizes the past, present and future of weightlifting. By choosing Olympia, the very womb of the Olympic spirit, the weightlifting community not only competes, but pays homage to a tradition that stretches back millennia. This event is a wake-up call to athletes around the world, reminding them of the sports deep- rooted heritage and its undying global appeal.

EWF Delegation at the press conference

Opening the conference with palpable enthusiasm, Olympia Mayor Georgiopoulos Georgios said: “Olympia has always been the epicenter of athletic greatness. Our commitment is unwavering. We are committed to delivering a seamless and memorable experience, ensuring that the EWF Olympia Cup 2023 transcends a simple event and becomes a monumental celebration of our intertwined histories.”

Kt. Antonio Conflitti, EWF’s visionary President, reflected on the deep significance of the location. “This is not just another notch in the weightlifting timeline. It is a reverent journey back to the very land where the Olympic flame was first lit. With the EWF Cup, we are not just organizing a competition, we are orchestrating a homecoming. Olympia’s Legacy lies not only in its past, but also in its future, we shape it together. As we stand on the cusp of this event, we are reminded that every lift, every cheer and every applause reflect the timeless spirit of Olympia.”

Prof. Dr. Milan Mihajlovic, EWF Secretary General shared: “Our ambition for the EWF Olympia Cup extends beyond this year. We see this as the genesis of an annual tradition, a perennial gathering for weightlifters to reconnect with the sport’s illustrious past. Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, I propose that, just as the winners of the Olympic Games had their statues in Olympia, the winners of the EWF Cup should have their names engraved in stone, forever immortalizing their achievements in this sacred land”.

Before Pyrros Dimas, the legendary triple Olympic champion, took the stage, there was an unmistakable air of reverence. His very presence at the event, as a titan of the sport, elevates the EWF Olympia Cup to an even higher pedestal. Dimas, in many ways, embodies the spirit of ancient athletes and heroes, whose feats of strength and skill were the stuff of legend. His achievements resonate with the stories of old, reminding us that the line between modern champions and ancient heroes is but a thin veil.

“To compete is an honor, to win is a dream, but to do it in Olympia? It is akin to weaving your own thread into the tapestry of history. This event is not just a competition, it is a symphony, harmonizing the ancient traditions of our sport with the pulsating rhythms of its modern heartbeat”, said Dimas.

Iris Vlachoutsicos, member of the Organizing Committee, emphasized the spirit of collaboration behind the event: “The collaboration between EWF, LOC and the local authorities of Olympia is not only logistical. It is symbolic. Together, we create not just a competition, but a chapter in the annals of sports history.”


The world is waiting with bated breath for the competitions to take place on September 28 and 29. Enthusiasts from every corner of the globe can immerse themselves in this historic event as the exciting action will be streamed live on

In the hallowed grounds of Olympia, where the whispers of the past are as palpable as the fervor of the present, we are enveloped in stories as old as time. Think of Atlas, bearing the weight of the world, just as our weightlifters carry immense burdens with grace and strength. Consider the determination of Sisyphus, pushing his boulder up, mirrored in the relentless drive of our lifters, pushing against the force of gravity. Remember the swift-footed Achilles, whose speed and skill in battle is reflected in the swift accuracy of our competitors. And let’s not forget Hercules, whose twelve labors symbolize the countless challenges our weightlifters overcome on their journey to the top.

At the EWF Olympia Cup 2023, ancient legends and modern champions converge, creating a timeless story of excellence.


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