ITOs Experts Enlighten Attendees on TOs Key Roles and Athletes’ Perspectives

The European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) recently concluded a series of highly anticipated seminars, providing a platform for ITOs, coaches, athletes, and weightlifting enthusiasts to gain invaluable knowledge and insights from sports experts. The seminars held virtually and featuring renowned professionals, covered a wide range of topics essential to the world of weightlifting technical rules and regulations.

The first seminar, titled “The Role of the Jury,” was presented by the esteemed Tina Beiter, EWF Vice President, and TC Chairwoman, on the 15th of May. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the intricate workings of the jury and gain a deeper understanding of its pivotal role in weightlifting competitions.

On the 23rd of May, Tryggve Duun, EWF MC Chairman and a respected referee took the virtual stage to enlighten participants about “The Role of the Referee”. Exploring the responsibilities and challenges faced by referees, the session proved to be an insightful experience for aspiring and experienced referees alike.

Patrik Helgesson, EWF TC member and a highly regarded Chief Marshall (CM), captivated audiences with his seminar on the 31st of May, titled “The Role of the CM.” Helgesson shared his expertise, shedding light on the crucial role that CMs play in ensuring fair and accurate weightlifting competitions.

The seminar series continued on the 6th of June with experienced Thomas Norlander leading the session on “The Role of the TC.” As the Technical Controller, Norlander provided participants with comprehensive insights into the responsibilities and decision-making processes of TCs during weightlifting events.

Delving into the coach’s perspective, Anders Bendix Nielsen and Tina Beiter conducted a seminar titled “How to Prepare as a Coach Before Championship and During – What to Be Aware Of (TCRR)” on the 12th of June. Anders Bendix Nielsen as a national coach gave a specific view, attendees were equipped with essential strategies and invaluable advice on coaching tactics, enabling them to optimize coach/athlete performance.

The final seminar in the series, held on the 19th of June, featured Natalia Priscepa, who provided a captivating glimpse into the “Athletes’ Perspective – Before and During the Championship – and After the End of Career.” Priscepa’s firsthand insights offered attendees a unique understanding of the challenges faced by weightlifters during the competition, as well as throughout their careers and the transition beyond competitive weightlifting.

Participants hailed the EWF TC Seminars as an exceptional opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain expertise from ITOs leaders. The virtual format allowed individuals from across the weightlifting community to come together, fostering an environment of collaboration and learning.

EWF expressed gratitude to the esteemed presenters and participants for their active engagement and enthusiasm throughout the seminar series. The success of these seminars further solidifies EWF’s commitment to providing educational platforms that enhance the sport of weightlifting and foster professional growth within the community.

As the virtual curtains close on the EWF TC Seminars, the weightlifting community eagerly anticipates future opportunities to engage with ITOs experts, strengthen their skills, and continue their shared journey toward excellence.

Links from the seminar are available on the EWF YouTube channel.

EWF is grateful to the lecturers and pleased to present them with diplomas.


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