On May 18, 2023, the Weightlifting Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held elections in the capital, Sarajevo.
Marinko ILIJAŠEVIĆ was given a four-year mandate as President, and Nedim MAŠIĆ as General Secretary.
The newly elected members of the Executive Board are:
1. Marinko Ilijašević, President
2. Miro Ružičić, Vice President
3. M.Sc. sci. Nedim Mašić, General Secretary
EB members:
4. Dragan Divčić
5. Prof. dr. sci. Daniel Malec
6. Mrs. Enisa Masic
7. Faris Durak
8. Vlatko Buzuk
9. Harris Durak
10. Emir Silajdzic
A new professional team was chosen, the selector Ivica Soldo and the national team head coach Haris Durak.
The executive board consists of one woman (gender policy), one active athlete (athlete policy), one doctor of science – dean (science policy),and  two Cat. 1. ITOs, and one Cat. 2 ITO (ITO policy), and also the new EB reflect the multinational structure of the country.
All members were (most still are) active weightlifters, and many of them were champions in two countries (former SFRY and Bosnia and Herzegovina). All of them are known and respected in the sports community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Source: BIH Weightlifting Federation
EWF expresses heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for successful administrative and sporting activities!

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