Olympia, 16th August 2023 –  A delegation of officials from the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) paid a technical visit to the ancient site of the Olympic Games in Olympia today, marking an important step toward the planned EWF CUP Olympia 2023. The city, which has a rich Olympic past, welcomed the EWF with open arms. Several prominent figures from the weightlifting and Olympic communities attended the visit. Pyrros Dimas, three-time Olympic champion; EWF President Kt. Antonio Conflitti; Alexandru Padure, EWF Executive Board member; and Iris Vlachoutsicos, member of the Organizing Committee; were all in attendance, highlighting the significance of the event.

The group was welcomed by Olympia City Mayor Georgiopoulos Georgios, who expressed the municipality’s commitment to providing thorough logistical support for the next event. This gesture is considered a powerful tribute to the EWF and Olympia’s expanding collaboration, with the goal of ensuring the EWF CUP 2023 is a massive success.

Accommodation for the EWF CUP has been planned at the renowned International Olympic Academy to ensure an outstanding event for participants and officials. The institution, with its world-class facilities steeped in history, is expected to provide the perfect setting for this renowned event.

The united efforts of the EWF and the town of Olympia demonstrate the commitment to making the EWF CUP Olympia 2023 a historic event in weightlifting competition history.

The importance of Olympia in the world of sport is unparalleled, and the EWF is immensely proud to host such a one-of-a-kind championship on such holy ground. See you soon in Olympia.


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