The beautiful coastal city Split in Croatia, hosted on July 6, 2024, the 58th edition of the traditional and historic Alpe Adria Tournament, organized by the Croatian Weightlifting Federation under the coordination of its General Secretary, Amar Music and the International Alpe Adria Tournament’s leadership composed by Ernesto Zanetti (ITA) – President, Damjan Ćanžek (SLO) – Vice President and Jožef Zaluberšek – (SLO) Secretary General with the support of the European Weightlifting Federation. The tournament annually gathers representatives from the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto Regions, from Italy, Niederösterreich, from Austria, Zala from Hungary and from the three affiliated countries Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The tournament was held for the first time in a new team competition format with two athletes in the youth age category, for male and female, as well as 2 athletes in the senior age category, male and female, thus implementing the new strategy of the Alpe Adria management to ensure a gender equality policy.

The competition system assumed the awarding of the best teams taking into account the sum of the points obtained by each member of the team, calculated by the Robi Points formula, but also the individual awarding of the best athletes by age category and gender.

The historic Alpe Adria Tournament is completely unique and lasts seven years, till 2030 in the current mandate. At the end of the seven tournaments, the supreme Alpe Adria Trophy will go to the best participating team, taking into account the total points accumulated throughout the seven editions of the competition, thus recognizing the contribution of all those who brought important points along of time for the winner team.

This years’ star of the show was the Italian Olympic bronze medallist in Tokyo 2021, Mirko Zanni, representing Friuli Venezia Giulia, who lifted 145 Kg in the snatch and 160 Kg in the clean and jerk, in the 73 Kg BW category and scored the most Robi Points.

Results can be found here !


  1. Friuli Venezia Giulia (ITA)
  2. Veneto (ITA)
  3. Croatia
  4. Zalaegerszeg (HUN)
  5. Slovenia
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. Niederosterrich (AUT)

INDIVIDUAL Winners Youth Female:

  1. Chiara Reljac (CRO)
  2. ⁠Alessandra Pacetta (FVG)
  3. Csenge Lorinc (HUN)

INDIVIDUAL Winners Youth Male:

  1. Paride Dragna (FVG)
  2. ⁠David Paternoster (SLO)
  3. ⁠Dastin Marku (VEN)

INDIVIDUAL Winners Senior Female:

  1. Cintia Andrea Arva (HUN)
  2. ⁠Eleni Battistetti (FVG)
  3. ⁠Petra Pavlic (SLO)

INDIVIDUAL Winners Senior Male:

  1. Mirko Zanni (FVG)
  2. Davide Giacalone (VEN)
  3. Peter Dobnik (SLO)

The President of the tournament, Ernesto Zanetti, re-elected in the last years’ edition, the 57th, organized in Zalaeszerceg (HUN) on 24 June, for the next 7-year cycle 2024-2030, pointed out with satisfaction the success of the Split edition: “The Alpe Adria International tournament is one of the oldest and perhaps the oldest weightlifting tournament not only on our continent. The tournament is completely special and unique also due to the fact that it lasts seven years, as long as the mandate of the management of this event lasts, which ends with the awarding of a supreme trophy presented to the team with the most points earned after all the participations. This year also started with some improvements in terms of gender equality policy, which created a balance between the number of female and male participants for the participating teams.”

“We felt honoured that Split and the Croatian Weightlifting Federation once again organised one of the oldest international events, the Alpe Adria Tournament. We are grateful to all tournament participants who attended and contributed to amazing results. In addition, we thank the European Weightlifting Federation for their annual assistance in assuring the tournament’s continuity” said Amar Music, General Secretary of Croatian Weightlifting Federation.

For 20 years, the Tournament has also introduced a competition reserved for the Master age category, which also manages to gather a significant number of participants. This year’s edition will take place in Rovigo, Italy.

Next year’s edition of the Alpe Adria International Tour will also take place in Italy, in the city of Mestre, which promises to be another successful competition.

The European Weightlifting Federation annually financially supports the organization of this important tournament from the point of view of history and tradition for the continental weightlifting.

EWF President Antonio Conflitti took the opportunity to send sincere congratulations to the organizers and all the participants.

Results can be found here!


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