The Georgian Weightlifting Federation has recently been recognized nationally for its outstanding achievements and contributions to the realm of sports in 2023 in Georgia.
These accolades underscore the federation’s commitment to excellence and the remarkable talent of its weightlifters.

Lasha Talakhadze, a prominent figure in weightlifting, was honored with the title of the best athlete of 2023 by the National Olympic Committee of Georgia. This prestigious recognition is a testament to his extraordinary abilities, devotion, and hard work in the sport.

The Association of Sports Journalists of Georgia honored Talakhadze as the best athlete of the last 20 years, a noteworthy distinction that emphasizes his lasting excellence and significant impact on the sport,

In the junior category, Mariam Murgvliani was named the best junior female athlete of 2023 by the Association of Sports Journalists of Georgia. This award not only celebrates her remarkable achievements at a young age but also shines a light on the promising future of Georgian weightlifting.

The Association of Sports Journalists of Georgia recognized the National Weightlifting Federation of Georgia as the best sports federation of 2023. This award is a testament to the federation’s accomplishments in sports and capable leadership. It represents the federation’s vital role in the growth and promotion of weightlifting in Georgia as well as its noteworthy contributions to the sports community at large.

These achievements are a clear indication of the Georgian Weightlifting Federation’s excellence and the bright future that lies ahead for weightlifting in Georgia. The federation’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting the sport has undoubtedly placed it at the forefront of the Georgia sports community.


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