On 27 February 2024, the EWF Athlete Commission convened its inaugural meeting, during which David Litvinov (ISR) was elected as the first EWF AC Chairman. 
At the Congress in Sofia on 17th February 2024, European NFs delegates approved the appointment of 6 members to the Athletes Commission: Anaas Michel-Cozzela (FRA), Despina Polaktsidou (GRE), Jenny Tong (GBR), David Litvinov (ISR), Arturs Plesnieks (LAT), and Sean Kevin Brown (IRL). This development paved the way for Athletes Commission representatives to join and become members of the EWF Executive Board, aligning with the approach previously applied by the IWF.
This milestone establishes the EWF as the first Continental weightlifting Federation with such a composition, with Athletes representatives as member of the Executive Board. 
Anaas Michel-Cozzela (FRA)
Despina Polaktsidou (GRE)
Jenny Tong (GBR)
David Litvinov (ISR)
Arturs Plesnieks (LAT)
Sean Kevin Brown (IRL)

The Athletes Commission’s first meeting was convened by EWF President Antonio Conflitti, in the presence of IWF Athletes Commission Chair Forrester Osei, EWF General Secretary Milan Mihajlovic, and former EWF Athletes Commission Chair Jesmond Caruana. Following an open vote in which the athletes participated, the following individuals were selected: David Litvinov (ISR) as Chairman, Jenny Tong (GBR) as Vice Chair, Sean Kevin Brown (IRL) as Commission Secretary, along with Despina Polaktsidou (GRE), Arturs Plesnieks (LAT), and Anaas Michel-Cozzela (FRA) as members of the AC Commission. Together, they will actively collaborate to drive the development of weightlifting in Europe. 

The Athletes’ Commission’s primary role is to represent active athletes and provide them with a platform to voice their perspectives in the governance of the European Weightlifting Federation. This includes offering advice to the Executive Board on matters affecting the EWF from the athletes’ viewpoint. 
EWF encourage all European athletes to engage with their representatives, share their ideas, and actively participate in shaping the future of weightlifting in Europe. 
For further communication regarding EWF Athletes Commission, please contact EWF Athletes Commission Chairman and member of the EWF EB, David Litvinov, at
EWF Athletes Commission Chairmen, David Litvinov

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