Plauen, Saxony – On October 27th and 28th, Plauen will witness a sporting extravaganza as it hosts the German Weightlifting Championships for both Juniors and Seniors. The event will be live on EWF Web TV.

Scheduled to begin promptly at 10 AM on Friday and to conclude by 9 PM on Saturday, the event will witness fierce competitions spread across two days. With a roster boasting around 140 athletes, the championships are gearing up to be a monumental testament to strength, discipline, and resilience.

This championship, one of the premier events in the German weightlifting calendar, will see the best from Germany’s weightlifting community. Competing athletes represent not just the country’s elite talent but also embody the dreams, aspirations, and determination of many striving for a coveted medal.

Among the myriad of talent present, several star lifters stand out due to their impressive track records and results:

Lisa-Marie Schweizer has declared a final entry of 220 kg in the -71kg division, and fans can catch her performance on Saturday at 14:45 PM.
Lena Tomkowiak, entering with a total of 184kg in the -59kg category, will showcase her skills on Friday at 17:15 PM.
Nina Schroth rounds off the list with an entry total of 210 kg in the -87kg category, with her competition set to start on Saturday at 19:00 PM.
Raphael Friedrich stands ready with a total of 320kg in the -96kg division, his competition commencing on Saturday at 12:15 PM.
Nico Müller, a force to be reckoned with a total of 330 kg in the -89 kg category, will take the stage on Friday at 20:00 PM.
Max Lang, boasting a formidable 300 Total in the -81kg category, is slated to compete later on Friday at 15:15 pm.
Simon Brandhuber, entering with a total of 285 kg in the -67kg category, will commence his competition on Friday at 10:00 AM.
Roberto Gutu is also in the fray, matching Lang's 300 kg total, albeit in the -73kg division, starting his quest on Friday at 10:00 AM.

For those unable to attend in person, the entire event will be streamed live on EWF WEB TV, ensuring fans across the globe can partake in the excitement.

On behalf of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF), we extend our hearty congratulations to the German Weightlifting Federation for organizing such an important event and streaming it on EWF Web TV. EWF wish all participating athletes the best of luck.


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