This week saw critical milestones in the Olympic story as the world shifted its attention to Mumbai, India’s teeming metropolis. In this location, Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), led the gathering of the IOC Executive Board (EB) in preparation for the 141st IOC Session.

In the midst of discussions that spanned the future trajectories of the Olympic Games and addressed pertinent institutional concerns, one announcement resounded with particular prominence: Weightlifting has been unequivocally confirmed for the program of the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028. This decision came about following a decisive vote by the IOC Session, establishing a milestone for the sport.

The IOC went beyond simply approving the entry of weightlifting but also praised the changes the sport had undergone. The IOC welcomed the significant changes adopted by the weightlifting community and concluded that they contributed to cementing the sport’s status as an Olympic legacy.

President Jalood said: “My first thoughts today are for our global weightlifting community – and especially the athletes – for whom this news will be both a great relief and a cause for rejoicing.

“It is thanks to everyone’s collective efforts that we are here today, and we thank the members of the International Olympic Committee for recognising our unity, commitment to change, and the great strides we are making as a sport.

“Today is a moment for weightlifting to celebrate, but it should not be seen as an end. We must – and will – continue, in line with our strategic priorities, towards a new future for weightlifting as a healthy, modern, and athlete-centred sport.”

IWF President Mohammed Jaloud

EWF President, Kt Antonio Conflitti, in a reflective and profound tone, expressed, “The IOC’s commendation, while echoing the illustrious tapestry of weightlifting’s heritage, deeply resonates with our community’s tireless journey of excellence, progressive reform, and unwavering dedication. At this monumental juncture, I am compelled to underscore not only the immense pride that envelopes us but also the profound weight of the legacy that we carry forward. Our path is illuminated by tradition, yet it beckons innovation and an enduring commitment to the Olympic spirit.”

EWF General Secretary Dr. Milan Mihajlovic, with a sense of deep appreciation, stated, “We extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to the IWF President and the EB for their relentless efforts. The reforms have yielded results, safeguarding our Olympic future.”

EWF President Kt Antonio Conflitti & EWF General Secretary Dr Milan Mihajlovic

Weightlifting has been an essential component of the modern Olympics since its inception. Since its debut in Athens in 1896, the sport has represented the spirit of Olympism, demonstrating not just athleticism, but also the dedication of competitors who hoist not just weights, but the ambitions of millions.

The journey from ancient Greece to the huge cityscapes of Los Angeles has been long and difficult, but the spirit of weightlifting has not changed. The weightlifting community stands high as the globe prepares for the 2028 extravaganza, holding aloft its past and looking ahead with unshakable commitment.


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