Weightlifting is set to make a triumphant return to its venerable roots through a historic and innovative event that will bridge the ancient and the modern. The European Cup, an innovative weightlifting event of unparalleled significance, will take place on the magnificent grounds of Olympia, Greece, from 29 – 30 September 2023.

This acclaimed event is more than a showcase of physical ability; it marks a determined effort to improve the image and vision of the development of weightlifting in Europe and internationally.

About 40 participants from France, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Türkiye, Bulgaria, Poland and Greece will be present. In addition, the inclusion of two athletes from the IWF Refugee Team further enhances the significance and global reach of the event. This group of athletes will highlight the specificity and appeal of weightlifting, with the aim of attracting a younger generation to take up the sport.

The choice of this location is both symbolic and strategic. The Ancient Olympia Stadium and the International Olympic Academy (IOA) will serve as the backdrop for this great competition. Olympia and the Olympic Games, which date back to 776 BC, have been associated with athletic brilliance and the idea of fair competition.

The games held there in honor of the Greek deity Zeus were more than an example of athletic prowess; they were also a celebration of arts, culture and shared values of the ancient world. The IOA, founded in 1961, is a monument to the enduring legacy of the Olympic spirit. Its purpose, to maintain and promote the Olympic principles, resonates well with the atmosphere of this event. The European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) is deeply honored to orchestrate this event and extends its gratitude to all those who supported this vision. This is not just a competition, it’s a symbolic journey, a nod to tradition and a beacon for the future of weightlifting. Returning to where it all began, weightlifting seeks not only to honor its past, but to create a vibrant and inclusive future.

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