On August 12, 2023, a notable International Blue Sword Tournament was held in Meissen, Germany, with presence of weightlifters from Portugal, Poland, Finland, Venezuela,  Belgium, Denmark,  Suisse,  Luxembourg, and Germany.
The traditional Tournament “Cup of the Blue Swords” in Meissen this year was, as usual, a spectacular event that gathered weightlifters from all over the world together. The competition celebrated not just famous sportsmen, but also newcomers worldwide in its 2023 edition.
The presence of lifters from Venezuela, who made their competition debut and immediately won, was clearly a highlight. Their outstanding performance demonstrated hard effort and determination, and they are unquestionably regarded as new emerging forces in the world of weightlifting.
The tournament’s organization was outstanding and merits special mention. Michael Hennig and his colleagues have once again proven their abilities in keeping the competition going smoothly. Special thanks also go to the city of Meissen and the porcelain manufactory, which has been a supporter of the competition since its inception.
Germany’s performance in the tournament met home fans’ expectations. The German squad did admirably and can look back on the competition with pride. Some athletes just arrived from the European Junior & U23 Championships and were able to demonstrate to national coaches that they are capable of performing frequently. The cup provided an excellent opportunity for athletes to conduct a quick status check before the World Championships.
Another source of excitement was the diversity of the contestants, who took part in the competition despite their Olympic preparations. This emphasizes the significance of the “Cup of the Blue Swords” as a venue for global gatherings and competitions.
The visit of Antonio Conflitti, President of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF), was a unique honor for the tournament. He was invited by German Weightlifting Federation President, Florian Sperl, and was given an insight into German weightlifting tournaments. His presence emphasized the tournament’s significance in international weightlifting. The event’s favorable memories will surely assist to shape the future of weightlifting.
EWF extends its congratulations to all participants and event organizers. It is a tournament with an incredible history, participants, organization, and passion. We are already looking forward to the “Blue Swords Cup” in 2024, in the hopes of having another spectacular and unforgettable event.

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