During its live meeting in Bucharest, on the 28 th of July and further on-line working sessions, the EWF Executive Board made important decisions for future activities and competition’s calendar fixing the allocation for next year’s European Championships.

Türkiye was already announced as host country for the 2024 European Senior Championships and Olympic Qualification Event for Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The event will be held in Antalya from the 17 th to the 28 th of February, while the EWF EB has decided recently the hosts and periods for the European Youth and U15 and Junior and U23 Championships.
The Greek Weightlifting Federation will organize next year in the beautiful city Thessaloniki, from the 5 th to the 15 th of September, the 2024 European Youth and U15 Champioships, the right to organize next year’s edition of the Junior and U23 Championships being finally granted to Poland that will host the event in Raszyn, in October, same venue of the 2022 successful Youth and U15 Championships.

The first edition of the EWF Cup will also be the innovative competition for weightlifters that will participate in an outdoor event in matched pairs. The event will be held in ancient Olympia, Greece, in the cradle of Olympism, from September 28 to October 1, 2023.

Special measures have been implemented to provide major communication tools and access to information for all the affiliated Member Federations and weightlifting community in general, starting with the new EWF Web TV and activities that provide permanent programming and viewing of past events and continuing with the creative EWF Forum that has already launched. The EWF believes that these two communication tools have already and will continue to show the potential of increasing the visibility of the European weightlifting movement.


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