In the dynamic world of sports, communication stands as a fundamental pillar, ensuring the seamless collaboration and mutual understanding of all stakeholders. Recognizing this need, EWF enthusiastically presents the EWF Forum, a cutting-edge communication platform designed specifically for the weightlifting community. To better understand the requirements of weightlifting, we are interested in opinions, attitudes, and proposals. 

The EWF Forum has been meticulously designed to cater to the diverse segments within our weightlifting community. These sections have been carefully segmented to address the specific needs of:

  1. Athletes: A dedicated section for athletes to share experiences, address concerns, and seek advice.
  2. Coaches: A hub for training methodologies, skill development techniques, and mentorship.
  3. ITOs: A space for ITOs to discuss rule interpretations, event planning, and coordination.
  4. Medical: A forum for medical professionals to discuss injury prevention, treatment methodologies, and athlete health.
  5. Anti-doping and Fair play: A section for fostering a clean sport, sharing the latest updates on anti-doping regulations, and promoting the ethos of fair play.
  6. Marketing: A section dedicated to promoting the sport and discussing marketing strategies.
  7. Media: Section dedicated to EWF Web TV and EWF Web site.

The EWF Forum is more than just a communication tool. It is a beacon of unity, bridging gaps and ensuring that the voice of every participant in the weightlifting sphere is heard. We have two goals in mind. To begin, a more direct communication network must be established to overcome any existing gaps. Second, to establish a reservoir of shared experiences, worries, and insights that can be used to identify and solve the evolving requirements of weightlifting participants.

We welcome discussion on any topic and demand fair play and friendly interaction.

EWF Forum is operative and we expect that debates on the forum will heat up during the Youth Training Camp in Konya next week.

We invite all stakeholders to actively participate, engage, and help us shape the future of weightlifting, hand in hand!


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