Chisinau, 07.07.2023 – The Day 6 of the 2023 EWF European Youth and U15 Championships unfolded at the Chisinau Arena, featuring a series of awe-inspiring performances by exceptional weightlifters. The day commenced with the Women YO 59kg category, setting the stage for intense competition and remarkable displays of strength.

In the Women YO 59kg category, Greta De Riso from Italy emerged triumphant, securing the gold medal with her impressive performance. Alina Daderko from Ukraine displayed her determination and skill, earning the silver medal, while Julia Choinska from Poland demonstrated her talent and claimed the bronze.

Continuing the excitement, the Men U15 81kg category witnessed outstanding performances by the athletes. Huseyn Heydarov from Azerbaijan stood atop the podium, securing the gold medal with his exceptional strength. Nika Jikia from Georgia displayed his skill and determination, earning the silver medal, while Tymoteusz Biadalski from Poland showcased his abilities and claimed the bronze.

In the Men U15 89kg category, Jumber Bekoshvili from Georgia emerged as the champion, displaying remarkable strength and technique. Atakan Kiricioglu from Turkie demonstrated his talent, securing the silver medal, while Nikolai Kvamme Aadland from Norway exhibited his skill and earned the bronze.

The competition continued with the Men YO 81kg B Group, where athletes showed their capabilities in their quest for victory.

The day concluded with the Women YO 64kg category, witnessing a captivating performance by Sara Iafrate from France, who claimed the gold medal. Canan Korcak from Turkie secured the silver medal, displaying her talent and determination. Iita Kononen from Finland took home the bronze medal, adding to the excitement of the event.

Congratulations to all lifters for their performances. 



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