Chisinau, 05.07.2023 – Day 4 of the highly anticipated 2023 EWF European Youth and U15 Championships commenced with an atmosphere brimming with excitement at the Chisinau Arena. The day kicked off with gripping competitions in the Men YO 67kg B Group and Women YO 49kg & 55kg B Group, and further showcased intense battles in the Men YO 67kg A Group. Congratulations to Barseghyan Seryozha for his outstanding achievement in winning the gold medal, as well as to Baldji Aleksandr and Aliyev Turin for their exceptional performances and well-deserved silver and bronze medals, respectively. The dedication and passion demonstrated by these athletes serve as an inspiration to aspiring weightlifters worldwide.

The medal award ceremony was graced with the presence of esteemed guests, including Sergiu Gurin, the State Secretary of Sport, and Mr. Tudor CASAPU, an Olympic Champion and the Honorary President of the Moldova Weightlifting Federation. Their presence added to the prestige of the event and highlighted the significance of the achievements made by the athletes.

In a remarkable display of strength and skill, Sahin Yagmur Melek from Turkie secured the gold medal in the Women’s YO 40kg category at the prestigious 2023 EWF European Youth and U15 Championships. Julia Walesa from Poland claimed second place, while Yughaber Amroyan from Armenia took home the bronze medal.

In a significant milestone for Portuguese weightlifting, Joana Antues claimed the silver medal in the snatch event of the Women’s YO 40kg category at the 2023 EWF European Youth and U15 Championships. This remarkable achievement marks Portugal’s first medal in EWF events following their return to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and European Weightlifting Federation (EWF). It serves as a testament to the diligent efforts and effective development initiatives implemented by the Portuguese Weightlifting Federation. Antues’ success highlights the progress made by the federation in nurturing and supporting talented athletes, paving the way for a promising future in Portuguese weightlifting.

In the Women’s YO 45kg category, the top performers showcased their skill and determination. The gold medal went to Kilic Ezgi from Turkie, while Naumova Sofiia from Ukraine secured the silver medal. Hawyrlo Lidia rounded off the winners, claiming the bronze medal. Their impressive performances demonstrated their dedication and talent in the weightlifting arena.

In the Men’s U15 67kg category, the competition was fierce among the talented athletes. Samuele Di Marzio from Italy emerged victorious, earning the gold medal with a remarkable performance. Yurii Klymkovych from Ukraine showcased his skill and determination, securing the silver medal. Viktor Kostadinov from Bulgaria demonstrated his prowess, claiming the bronze medal.

The 2023 EWF European Youth and U15 Championships continue to captivate audiences worldwide with displays of athleticism and sportsmanship. As the competition progresses, anticipation mounts for the forthcoming battles that will undoubtedly showcase the unyielding spirit of these remarkable young athletes.



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