The European Weightlifting Federation will organize this year the first edition of the EWF  Cup, the most innovative European competition, in a very special format.

Participating Federations’ teams with a maximum of five mixed pairs of girls and boys with a minimum age of 17 years old calculated in the athlete’s year of birth will compete on five training or warm-up platform layout outdoors, one of the mandatory conditions for these competitions. The pairs of each team will be united by combining five male and five female body weight categories, as follows:

Pair 1 – M 61 kg & W 49 kg         

Pair 2 – M 73 kg & W 59 kg         

Pair 3 – M 89 kg & W 71 kg         

Pair 4 – M 102 kg & W 81 kg       

Pair 5 – M +102 kg & W +81 kg  

“The new format ensures prize money from 3000 to 5500 USD for each weightlifter”, EWF President announced.

Athletes will perform in the well-known sports outfit in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk during the two- or three-day competitions in eliminatory, semifinal, and final phases. Competitors and officials will pay participation and Anti-Doping fees and winners of the first three places will win money prizes starting from 3000 USD for each athlete.

EWF President Conflitti wishes this competition to be launched in one of the most emblematic and historic locations for weightlifting next autumn: “It seems, that this project is finally getting closer to becoming a reality. I thank my colleagues from the EWF Executive Board for the openness and support given to this new format of EWF competitions. We are in contact with the Hellenic Federation to launch the first edition, this year’s one, right in Olympia, for which I think no additional explanations are necessary. What could we want more than to launch a new project in the cradle of Olympism?”

Technical and Participation Rules will be provided to EWF Member Federations after the Executive Board planned in Bucharest during the European Junior and U23 Championships in July.


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