On the final day of the 2023 EWF European Championships, the Women’s 87+ kg category took place and saw some impressive performances from the athletes. British athlete Brittian Emilly Campbell claimed the gold medal, while Georgian athlete HOTFRID Anastasiia secured the silver medal, and Ukrainian athlete KISIL Valentyna claimed the bronze.

In the last session of the competition, the atmosphere in the arena was electric. The stands were full and the crowd was cheering on all the athletes, but there was a special energy for three: TALAKHADZE Lasha, LALAYAN Varazdat, and MARTIROSYAN Simon.

In the end, it was TALAKHADZE Lasha who took home the gold medal in the Men’s 109+ kg category. The Georgian athlete put on an impressive display, showcasing his strength and skill as he lifted his way to victory. The home crowd was thrilled to see two Armenian athletes claim the silver and bronze medals, with LALAYAN Varazdat and MARTIROSYAN Simon taking second and third place, respectively.

Overall, the 2023 EWF European Championships was a thrilling and unforgettable event. The athletes put on impressive performances, and the atmosphere in the arena was electric throughout the competition. Fans of weightlifting from all around the world are already looking forward to the next instalment of this prestigious event.



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