In an exciting turn of events at the 2023 EWF European Championships in Yerevan, two Armenian weightlifters have taken home the gold and silver medals in the men’s 96kg category. HOVHANNISYAN Davit lifted his way to the top spot, closely followed by his fellow countryman AGHANYAN Ara.

The home crowd was in full force, cheering on their fellow Armenians every step of the way. Both HOVHANNISYAN and AGHANYAN showed incredible strength and determination, making their country proud.

Italian weightlifter FICCO Cristiano Giuseppe claimed the third place and bronze medal, but it was the Armenians who stole the show in this category. HOVHANNISYAN and AGHANYAN will go down in history as champions of the 2023 EWF European Championships.

In the women’s 81kg category at the 2023 EWF European Championships in Yerevan, it was Ukrainian DEKHA Iryna who took home the gold medal. Turkish lifter NARIN Dilara secured the silver medal, while Moldovan athlete ERIGHINA Elena claimed the bronze medal. Each of these talented athletes fought hard to earn their place on the podium and showcase their skills on the European stage. The competition was intense, with fierce competition from athletes from all over Europe, but these three women stood out with their impressive lifts and determination to succeed. Congratulations to all three on their well-deserved medals!


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