Yerevan, Armenia – Day 3 of the 2023 EWF European Championships saw some impressive performances from the Europe’s top weightlifters. The competition was fierce, with each lifter pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of the gold medal.


In the end, it was Ukrainian lifter Konotop Kamila who emerged victorious, putting on an outstanding display of strength and technique that earned her the gold medal. Not only did she take home the top prize, but she also broke three European records in snatch with 106kg, in clean and jerk with 129kg, and in total with 235kg.

Coming in a close second was Belgian weightlifter Sterckx Nina, who displayed impressive athleticism and technique throughout the competition, earning herself the silver medal. And in third place was Ukrainian lifter Shpiilka Nadiia, who also put on an impressive show of strength and technique, securing the bronze medal.

Day 3 of the EWF European Championships in Yerevan saw a thrilling competition in the men’s 67kg category, with Sahakyan Gor from Armenia emerging as the champion. Gor put in a remarkable performance, displaying incredible strength and determination that impressed the crowd. His efforts were rewarded with a gold medal.

Hernandez Acoran from Spain secured the silver medal after a fierce fight throughout the competition. He displayed impressive technique and strength in each of his attempts, and won another medal for Spain.

Kahriman Kaan from Türkiye claimed the bronze medal showing that he is a young and talented lifter to watch out for in the future (born 2004).


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