European weightlifting enthusiasts can now get their hands on tickets for the 2023 European Championships. The event, which is set to be held in Yerevan, Armenia, from 15th to 23rd of April promises to be a thrilling showcase of the best weightlifters from across the continent.

Those hoping to attend can now purchase tickets on this link.

The EWF European Championships is one of the most highly-anticipated events on the weightlifting calendar, and attracts competitors and spectators from all over the world. With the best weightlifters from Europe vying for the top spots, fans can expect to witness some truly awe-inspiring feats of strength and athleticism.

So if you’re a weightlifting fan looking to witness some of the finest athletes in Europe compete for glory, be sure to head to this link and secure your tickets to the 2023 EWF European Championships today!


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