The eagerly anticipated 2023 EWF European Weightlifting Youth and U15 Championships were announced by Minister Topala during a press conference held by the Ministry of Education and Research on February 17, 2023. 

The Moldavian  Weightlifting Federation and the European Weightlifting Federation will team up to hold the event in beautiful Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. The conference featured notable attendees as Sergiu Gurin, the Secretary of State in charge of special projects and sport, Antonio Conflitti, the EWF President, Dr. Milan Mihajlovic, the EWF General Secretary, Alexandru Padure, the EWF Competition Manager, and Tudor Casapu, the Olympic weightlifting champion from Barcelona 1992 and Honorary President of WF of Moldova, press and media representatives, and guests.

“This event is the first for the Republic of Moldova, the country has never hosted an European Championship of an Olympic program sport”, was confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Research. The championships will serve two primary purposes:

  • to promote the image of the Republic of Moldova
  • and to promote the sport of Olympic weightlifting, a very popular one in this country, with more than 700 active athletes.

At this competition will take part around 40 participants from the host country. The WF of Moldova had a successful year in 2022, winning 28 medals at the European and World Championships, including 7 gold, 12 silver, and 9 Bronze. To ensure the event’s success, the Ministry of Education and Research has announced through its representatives that will provide full support for the event. These highly anticipated championships are expected to elicit a great deal of interest and excitement from weightlifting supporters from all over Europe.

The EWF delegation met also with Chisinau’s Vice mayor, Ilie Ceban where important topics related to the organizations of the event were discussed. During the meeting, the delegation expressed gratitude to the local government and municipality for its assistance in organizing the event.

On February 18, 2023, the EWF delegation toured the new sports facility Chisinau Arena, which will serve as the competition and training venue for the EWF-mentioned competition. The delegation evaluated the new building and declared it more than suitable for the championships, but also for future ones. Its selection as the site of the upcoming official competition is expected to boost its reputation as a premier host venue for such an event.

The announcement that the Republic of Moldova will host the European Weightlifting Championship for Youth and U15 in 2023 is a significant achievement for the country’s sporting world. The championships will provide an opportunity to promote Olympic weightlifting while also raising the country’s profile on the international sports stage. The commitment of the Ministry of Education and Research to contribute to the event will ensure the competition’s success.

Good luck, Moldova!


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