Rome, Italy – On February 9th, 2023, at the European Olympic Committees (EOC) Headquarters in Rome, Italy a meeting was held, to discuss the future activities of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) and the better involvement of European weightlifting in the EOC.

The meeting was attended by key figures in the European Olympic world, including Kgc Raffaele Pagnozzi, PhD, the EOC Secretary General, Steve Scott, the European Games Liaison Officer, and Rossana Ciuffetti, the EOC Chief of Staff, and on the other side, Kt Antonio Conflitti, EWF President and Dr Milan Mihajlovic, EWF General Secretary.

During the meeting, the EOC Secretary General, Kgc Raffaele Pagnozzi, made a strong announcement: “The EOC doors are open for European Weightlifting Federation,” he stated, expressing the organization’s commitment to promoting weightlifting as a sport and to increasing its participation in the EOC activities.

The meeting was an important step towards the better involvement of weightlifting in the EOC and towards a brighter future for the sport. The participants discussed the challenges faced by European weightlifting federation and ways to overcome them, including increasing the popularity of the sport and attracting more young athletes to participate. EOC and the EWF, both organizations strive to create a better future for weightlifting and to promote the sport at the highest level.

“The EOC’s commitment to weightlifting will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the sport and will help to promote its growth and development in the years to come. Thank you EOC, and thank you Dr. Pagnozzi for your open heart and hand for European Weightlifting Federation”, stated EWF President, Antonio Conflitti.

EWF President Kt Antonio Conflitti and EWF General Secretary Dr Milan Mihajlovic at EOC

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