Join us today for Reykjavik International games!

Five teams composed of 2 males and 2 females a total of ten male lifters and ten female lifter are currently signed up for RIG 2023.

Team competition will be based on points where the highest ranked lifter based on 2017-2020 Sinclair points [1] gets 10 points, second place 9 points in each of the gender categories.

If two or more teams are even, the team with the highest combined score of one male and one female winner is ranked higher. If the teams are still even they will share the placement.
If a competitor does not get a total he will get zero points in the team competition.
Many strong lifters from the nordic countries are competing.

Results will be posted on


Alex Daði Reynisson
Brynjar Logi Halldórsson
Þuríður Erla Helgadóttir
Úlfhildur Arna Unnarsdóttir


Kim Eirik Tollefsen
Daniel Ronnes
Melissa Schanche
Julia Jordanger

Svíþjóð/Sweden – withdrew from competition


Louis Strøier
Thomas Strøier
Melina Barhagh
Mette Fasmila Pedersen


Jesse Nykänen
Lassi Kemppainen
Emilia Tiainen
Heidi Kunelius

Færeyjar/Faroe Islands

Niels Áki Mørk
Pól Andreasen
Asta Egilstoft Nielsen
Maibrit Reynheim Petersen

Live stream Link

Reykjavik International games – weightlifting


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