AWF created “Tekan” platform to make the voluntary support mechanism more accessible, in addition to the measures implemented by the state in the direction of the development of weightlifting.


In 2022, AWF chose the way to develop weightlifting in our country by developing region’s sport. We made an effort to change the situation and in short time about 10 new weightlifting halls opened in Goranboy, Ganja, Samukh, Tovuz, Gazakh, Ismayilli, Gakh, Balakan, Sabirabad and Zangilan. 

Additionally, by initiative of federation more than 20 clubs created all around the country. This year AWF created “Tekan” platform – the new fundraising, donation project. “Tekan” – is an “impulse, “push”, “impact” in Azerbaijani language. AWF makes a new effort, new impulse for developing club system in the country by creating a new platform. AWF also starts new Clubs League in this March for supporting the project by rising the competitive level of Azerbaijan weightlifting.


Goal of the “Tekan” project is to involve the whole country community in the process of development of weightlifting sport in Azerbaijan, to achieve the popularization of this sport, to encourage the development of weightlifters of different age groups from all regions of our country. 

Our short-term goal is to strengthen the material and technical base of weightlifting in the country, medium-term goal is to achieve successful performances of our weightlifters in international competitions, and long-term goal is to make Azerbaijan one of the favourite countries in world weightlifting.


Mission of the “Tekan” is promote a healthy lifestyle among young people, to create an exemplary model of public cooperation in the development of sports, to make weightlifting one of the main components of the health and pedagogical education process, to contribute to the Olympic Movement, which is developing around the idea of “Building a prosperous, peaceful world that respects human dignity”.

Visit “”
Donation process is very simple. You need only visit Simple interface will help you get information about “Tekan” project, all clubs in Azerbaijan, information about lifters in them. For donate you had to push “Tekan ver” (“Impulse it”) and fill in the blanks.

Kenan Mastaliyev, Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation Press Officer.


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