For most athletes, the national championships are the most important event. Most people consider participating in or winning a medal at that competition to be their highest achievement. It is also a popular qualifier for national teams.
The EWF attempted to compile the results of the national championships in 2022 in one location to highlight athletes’ accomplishments. At the same time, we are attempting to create a database to prevent European athletes’ results from being forgotten.
The EWF wishes to pass on this heritage to the next generation of weightlifters.
These results are presented in their “simplest” form, as they were sent or found on the websites of the federations. It would be ideal if there was a template, with the results saved in a separate database. Of course, for something like this to happen, EWF members must agree and desire it.
We are currently providing you with access to the data in its most logical form until we create a more appropriate database. Please assist us by giving us the missing information.
The database link is available here.

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