Michel RAYNAUD was elected President of the French Weightlifting Federation during the FFHM Electoral General Assembly on October 29, 2022.

With a strong sport organizing background in swimming, bodybuilding, and weightlifting, as well as four French champion titles, he performed responsible duties at the local and national levels, taking on roles in sport arbitration, organization, and supervision.

Michel Raynaud previously worked closely, as FFHM General Secretary, with Mr. Guy Koller, who abruptly left us, for the development of weightlifting in all its forms in France, from young to “elite” selections.

The 2024 Olympic Games, a world event that will take place in France, will receive special attention in future Raynaud activities.

He was awarded the Gold Medal for Youth, Sports, and Social Cohesion in 2012.

The FFHM has 25,983 members, including 9,929 women and 16,054 men, as well as 329 clubs, 15 regional leagues, and 24 departmental committees.

EWF congratulates and wishes many sports success to FFHM and Mr. Raynaud.


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