The fall meeting of the Finnish Weightlifting Association was held on October 27, 2022, and a total of 39 clubs were deciding on common issues at the meeting. On the agenda were matters according to the association’s regulations, of which probably the greatest interest was the election of a new chairman to replace Tarmo Kuusisto, who served as chairman for two terms.

There were two strong candidates for the position of chairman, of which Karoliina Lundahl was finally elected as the new chairman without a vote . The election was the first time in the association’s history that a woman was elected chairman. At the meeting, new members were also elected to the board, including newcomers. For the two-year term, Tomi Tolsa , Heikki Keskitalo and Raimo Turunen were elected to replace those who resigned (Henrik Tallbacka, Raimo Turunen and Tero Honkasalo) . In addition to them, Ina Pajula was elected to replace Sari Kola, who gave up her position on the board for a one-year term . Juuso Tuulinen and Sadia Noor-E were elected as alternate members to the board.

In addition to statutory matters, the meeting had plenty of proposals brought to the meeting by the clubs, which dealt with changes in the association’s operating rules as well as the championship rules. During the consideration of the motions, among other things, a change to the association’s operating rules was approved, whereby two (2) athlete members will be added to the board at the next autumn meeting in 2023. Changes were also approved to the rules of the club team competition and Masters SM competitions.

Karoliina Lundahl

“Thank you for your support! I am proud that you elected me as the chairman of the Finnish Weightlifting Association for the next two years.

Finnish weightlifting is on the rise. The cooperation of the past years, first with Vierumäki in the name of trainings and camps, and now with Varala and Lapland’s Sports Institute is yielding results. The current Junior Cup competition system has attracted international attention, when young Finnish weightlifters grab medals from championship competitions in different age groups. Cooperation with kettlebells and functional sports indicates an increase in the popularity of power sports.

As a primary school teacher, I work in a constantly changing community where we strive to act in a planned manner so that the day doesn’t go by putting out fires. Professional know-how helps to survive these situations too, and I call for the same professional attitude in this volunteer work as well.

I am a weightlifter, coach and coach trainer. For the past five years, I have been gathering experience at the organization level in international fields. I have the honor of leading the Finnish Weightlifting Association, but I can’t do anything alone. Let’s gather our energy together and move forward. Together!”

EWF congratulates and wishes many sports success to Finish Weightlifting Association and Ms. Karoliina Lundahl

Source Finnish Weightlifting Association


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