Following the successful completion of the weightlifting events at the XXII Commonwealth Games, the CWF Electoral Congress was held in Birmingham on August 4, 2022.
Dato Ong Poh Eng (MAS) was elected President, and Paul Coffa MBE (AUS) was elected General Secretary .
Two Europeans, Heather Allison (GBR) and Jesmond Caruana (MLT), were elected as Vice Presidents of the Commonwealth Weightlifting Federations.
The complete election results are as follows:



Dato Ong Poh Eng (MAS)                                            

General Secretary

Paul Coffa MBE (AUS)


Tom Liaw (SGP)                                                             

Heather Allison (ENG)

Kevin du Plooy (RSA) 

Jesmond Caruana (MLT)

Sir John Dawanincura (PNG)                                      

Sahdev Yadav (IND)

Executive Board Member                                         

John Ogolla (KEN) 

Della Shaw Elder (FIJ)

Salim Musoke (UGA)                                                   

Coral Quinell (AUS)

Andrew Callender (BAR)

Gnanapragasam Nishanthan (SRI)

Muhid HD Hadi Dinie ABD Raman (BRU)               

Yovin Gyadin (MRI)

Assistant General Secretary (appointed)

Trent Dabwido (NRU)


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