Tina-Marie Bendix Beiter

Technical Committee is ready to host and soon launch new online Webinars

After hosting four online webinars

  • The Role of Chief Marshall
  • The Role of Technical Controllers
  • The Role of the Jury
  • The Role of the Referees


his Spring with great success and many participants the Technical Committee is now ready to prepare the next online webinars.

Technical Committee Meeting

At the Technical Committee Meeting in Albania on May the 25th- prior to the European Weightlifting Championships for Senior – it was decided to prepare more online Webinars. Following online Webinars will be available to join in the Autumn:

  • The Role of the Timekeeper
  • The Role of the Speaker/Announcer

It was also decided to do online Webinars for coaches 

  • How to fill out the athlete cards
    • Increase/decrease the weight
  • Warm-up passes
  • Field of play

Technical Committee would also like to prepare an online Webinar for the athletes

  • What can an athlete wear (costume/unitard/long sleeved etc.)
  • Where can an athlete have tape
  • Weigh-in procedure

All three Committees in a combined Meeting

For the first time ever all three Committees – Technical, Medical, and Coach & Research joined in a combined meeting in Albania. Technical Committee presented their Ideas about new online Webinars and Medical Committee followed up by presenting their Ideas about for online Webinars

  • Duty of the Competition Doctor
  • What can a Competition do to help – in the warm-up and at the platform
  • Good ideas for recovery
  • How to use tape in good way
  • Food supplements

Coach & research Committee presented their Ideas of producing small videos (duration of max. 2 minutes) e.g. ‘How to fill in the Athlete Cards’ and the other Committees immediately join in the Ideas for videos ‘Where is it allowed to have tape’ ‘the outfit’ etc.

EWF Executive Board was satisfied and approved

It was indeed a very innovative Technical Committee Meeting and the combined Meeting as well. Later on the same day the EWF Executive Board was satistfied and approved the new actions.

So stay tuned and please accept the invitation for the online Webinars later on this year.

Author : Tina-Marie Bendix Beiter, EWF TC Chairwomen 


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