Two days before the start of the 100th Edition of the European Championships in Tirana, the EWF Executive Board, Committees and Commissions met in face-to-face meetings in which the commitments of the leadership for the development of weightlifting in Europe and in relation to the IWF and other Continental Federations were reconfirmed.

The members of the Executive Board deliberated all the items on the meeting’s agenda, reanalyzed and approved the improvements proposed in the reports and plans of activities of the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Technical Committee, the Medical Committee, the Coaching and Research Committee, the Auditors Committee, the Anti-Doping Commission, the Fair Play Commission, the Marketing Commission and the Development Commission.

Support for Anti-Doping and Fair Play activities has been reconfirmed during continental competitions and on occasions that can be used to spread clean sport and fair play values. Technical development proposals in joint activities with the other Committees and Commissions was also a topic that enjoyed all the sustention. The current problems facing the EWF in organizing competitions in Europe were analyzed, including the participation of ITOs and doctors on duty and the continuation of the activities undertaken to perfecting their roles. Unanimous approval was also given to the proposal to resume joint training camps in Europe by the end of this year. One of the most important achievements on the continental level is the signing of a long-term agreement with Sportfive for its flagship event – the Senior European Championships. Sportfive will be the exclusive distributor of the 2022-2028 events broadcasting media rights. In addition, the partnership with the Weightlifting House company was presented. This will ensure the livestreaming for this edition of the European Championships in certain countries.

The strong commitment to draft a new Continental Constitution with the participation of experts and consultation with Member Federations was reconfirmed in order to ensure good governance at the EWF level and alignment with the IWF Constitution. The situation of the teams from Ukraine that are currently preparing abroad was also being re-evaluated. At the end of the meeting, the results of the first voting process for 2021 EWF Best Weightlifters and the important participation of our sport lovers in this electronic voting were presented. Additionally, have been reminded EWF distinctions to be presented at the EWF Ordinary Congress on May 26, 2022.

The President of the Albanian Weightlifting Federation was also invited at the meeting, for presenting the current state of the organization of the anniversary competition, which will be opened with the Opening Ceremony in Tirana on May 27, 2022.

EWF Executive Board


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