The EWF has signed a long-term agreement with SPORTFIVE for its flagship event – the Senior European Championships. SPORTFIVE will be the exclusive distributor of the 2022-2028 events’ broadcasting media rights.

“I am glad that the agreement with SPORTFIVE was secured despite an extremely short notice. Having such well-established partner as SPORTFIVE not only secures the exposure of the EWF’s events, but helps promoting the brand,” says Antonio Conflitti, the EWF president.

 The 100th edition of the Senior European Championships in Tirana, Albania, this year will be the first installment of the series of the Events to be delivered by SPORTFIVE to the European audience and beyond.

 David Kipshidze, EWF’s Vice-President, was fully involved in this deal: “The partnership with SPORTFIVE is an outstanding achievement. These are not the brightest but very challenging days for our sport and yet, SPORTFIVE has taken this long-term approach. We should celebrate it.”

 Tigran Sirunyan, SPORTFIVE Senior Vice President, who is behind this historical deal, states: “SPORTFIVE has chosen to take a long-term approach as I believe this is the best strategy for developing the product and partnerships. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation.”

 SPORTFIVE will be assisting the EWF in its brand development. This partnership has already unveiled different marketing opportunities beyond the traditional TV broadcasting. Both parties are willing to explore OTT as well as other services and technologies for future events. Both parties share the vision of achieving a better tomorrow by presenting the values of sport through the EWF’s best assets – its teams and athletes.


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