Members of the EWF Auditors Committee, which oversees the financial reporting and approval of the EWF’s accounts on an annual basis, met in San Marino for an ordinary working meeting, on Saturday, 09.04.2022, led up by Chairman Mr. Patrick Fassott, in accordance of art. 14 of the EWF Constitution. The Auditors Committee made up by Members Mr. Tschan Michel, Mr. Arenales Juan Lama carried out their activity together with the EWF Treasurer, Dr. Astrit Hasani. 

The meeting was also attended by EWF President, Mr. Antonio Conflitti, EWF General Secretary Dr. Milan Mihajlovic and EWF Honorary President, Dr. Antonio Urso who welcomed the delegates and wished them success in their work.

The Auditors Committee report will be presented to the EWF Executive Board and the EWF Congress for approval.

EWF would also like to extend its sincere thanks to the San Marino Weightlifting Federation for the warm welcome and support for the smooth running of the important meeting.


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