From February 3 to February 10, the Russian Weightlifting Cup was held in Orel. The competition attracted a large number of athletes from all around Russia. In connection with the introduction of restrictive measures due to the inadmissibility of imports and the prevalence of coronavirus infection, all participants were obliged to have a paper certificate or QR code, confirming the completion of vaccination, or a negative PCR test.

We support Russian Weightlifting Federation effort in order to protect athletes, TO’s and spectators. During the competition Russian weighlifting federation also held educational seminars : “Actual problems of training a sports reserve in weightlifting”.

Questions raised during the seminar :

“Actual problems of planning and accounting of training loads in special exercises in the preparation of a sports reserve” (PhD, professor of MGPU Dmitry Chernogorov);

“Actual problems of planning the training process in the aspect of injury prevention” (PhD Dmitry Medvedev).


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