We would like to assure you that finalizing the continental competition calendar is a priority concern for the EWF. Following the last meeting of the EWF Executive Board, late December 2021, the final attempt was made with all the efforts to clarify the position of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation to host the 2022 Senior European Weightlifting Championships in Sofia, the most important EWF competition and for which they have expressed the strong intention to be the host country and they also presented documents at the meeting of the EWF Executive Board in Finland, in September 2021.

Unfortunately, the attempts were not successful, and it seems that their possibility to host the event is farther and farther away. Also, following the meeting of the EWF Executive Board on December 20, in Uzbekistan, it was approved to reopen the application process for organizing this competition.

Even though EWF has not received any other applications, discussions are currently underway, and the possibility of rescheduling and relocating is being discussed with countries that have shown interest in organizing this event.

We assure you that we will make every effort to choose a new host country as soon as possible, respecting the technical and eligibility required periods for our athletes and of course to respect the properly timetable for the Congress call.

Please note that according to this kind of protocols we are obliged to move the EWC from April 2022 to a new date to be established. We will return to you as soon as possible with an update on this very important topic. Thank you for your understanding. 

Sincerely yours, 



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