“It is essential for the EWF to have an active communication presence, to act as a weightlifting ambassador, to strengthen the EWF brand, and increase links with all stakeholders. EWF launched a new communication brand – EWFSPORT, and we will continue to develop it”, stated EWF President Antonio Conflitti.

“EWF is committed to better understanding how we might adopt new means of communication and utilize social media and other digital platforms to communicate, listen, and respond in order to strengthen EWF presence in public”, said Dr. Milan Mihajlovic, EWF General Secretary.

We admire our member federations, as well as their athletes, coaches, and supporters for all their activities and sports success.

 The European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) is doing our best to work together, and we wish to keep you informed of all the exciting developments in European weightlifting.







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