Dear Members of the EWF family,

2021 presented us with many challenges and important decisions to make, to which, in the end, we have responded with firmness and unity.

One of the latter saw, a few days ago, the holding of the EWF Extraordinary Congress and the Electoral process for the election of a new continental President.

By assuming this position, I undertake the full commitment to carry out my role with indistinct support in favor of all the Federations belonging to the historic family of the European weightlifting.

The election campaign is over and now is time to look forward and work all together to achieve the best goals for our athletes, who are our most precious asset, without neglecting the coaches, technical support staff and all those involved in our beloved activity.

The challenges and commitments that await us are many, among which I like to mention the drafting of a new EWF Constitution that will have to guarantee good governance and strengthen the integrity of our organization.

I am sure that we will face these commitments together and I, personally, do my utmost to do it!

In this regard, I welcome the messages of support and willingness to achieve our common goals, already received by many of you, among which I have the desire to underline those received also by the Presidential candidates for the last Electoral process, that demonstrate a high maturity and fairness.

I thank you all, assuring you that I will carefully evaluate all the proposals you want to share with me, in the spirit of the responsibility I have assumed since the beginning of the campaign.

Before concluding, I would like to assure you that the main goal will be to make every effort to preserve the prestige of our beloved sport, as well as the status of Olympic sport, an issue that concerns us all, in these times.

Respectfully yours,

EWF President



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