On May 30 and 31, 2023, delegations from the EWF and IWF paid a visit to the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation.

They were in Sofia at the invitation of Arif Majed, President of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation.

On May 30, Bulgarian Minister of Youth and Sports Vesela Lecheva met with IWF President Mohamed Jaloud, EWF President Antonio Confliti, EWF General Secretary Milan Mihajlovic, EWF Vice-President David Kipshidze, and EWF EB Member Alexandru-Cristian Padure.

Meeting at the Ministry of Sports, Sofia, Bulgaria

Minister thanked the IWF and EWF for providing support to the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation and expressed hope that some major competitions would be hosted in Bulgaria in the future.

“The program for hosting World and European championships, World Cups, and other major international competitions is one of the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ most important policies. They provide opportunities for federations to gain experience, they bring the sport to a larger audience, and they are vital for athletes and fans, so we will also support the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federations efforts” Lecheva said.

IWF President Mohammed Jalood meets with the Bulgarian Minister of Sports
EWF and IWF delegation meets with the Bulgarian Minister of Sports

Previously, delegation met with Prof. Nikolay Izov, Rector of the Bulgarian National Sports Academy, and members of the Academy’s executive board. The Rector described the Academy’s broad experience in collaboration with various Bulgarian and foreign institutions and organizations, as well as a visit by IOC President Thomas Bach 10 days ago. Both parties expressed a desire to reach an agreement on cooperation between the Academy and the IWF / EWF.

Representatives from the IWF and EWF attended an official ceremony in which the President of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation, Arif Majed, donated the Golden shoe award of Antonio Krastev, the two-time world champion and world record holder in the super heavy category, to the Museum of the History of Physical Culture and Sports in Sofia. Arif Majed stated that he is fulfilling the widow of Antonio Krastevs wish and is pleased that the award will be on display in the museum for all Bulgarians and visitors who want to meet the greatest triumphs of Bulgarian weightlifters.

Arif Majed donates Antonio Krastev's Golden Shoe award to Sofia's Sports Museum

The Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation held its Annual Congress on May 31, with delegate representatives from Bulgarian Weightlifting Clubs and press in attendance, as well as Attila Adamfi, IWF Vice President, IWF EB members Matthew Curtain and Florian Sperl, EWF Vice-President David Kipshidze and Milan Mihajlovic, EWF General Secretary.

The EWF wishes the BWF and its President, Arif Majed, ongoing sporting success in the upcoming 2024 Olympics.


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