The 46th International Open Bosnia Cup, 8th River SAVA Cup, and the International Memorial Andrija Malec were held on Saturday, November 12, 2022, in Sarajevo (BIH) at the lovely hall of the Malak Hotel.

A seminar on Olympic weightlifting was also held at the Malak Hotel on Friday, November 11, 2022. The best experts in the field of weightlifting, including Maged Salama (IWF Coaching Experts), Mr. Sci. Nedim Masic (IWF Coaching and TO Experts), and Prof. Dr. Mensur Vrcic (Coaching and Basic Sports Experts), participated.

Additionally, a ceremony commemorating the Weightlifters Federation BIH 75th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of SDTBIH’s admission to the International Weightlifting Federation was conducted on December 11, 2022. Kemal Hoso received a plaque for his dedication to the sport of weightlifting over the course of 60 years.

Eight nations participated in the aforementioned competitions. The Albanian team won the Open Bosnia competition and the Open Bosnia male competition. The Dutch team won the Open Bosnia female competition. The Bosnia and Herzegovina team took home the River SAVA Cup as the champion. The Croatian team won the Andrija Malec International. The Swedish team won the Sarajevo Open International. 

The German team was awarded the trophy for fair play, and the Kosovo team was named the best debutant. The Turkish team not only took part in the competition but also made a weightlifting documentary.

Winners of the Open Bosnia Cup:

49 kg: Nejla Kalaca (BIH)
59: Enkilda Carja (ALB)
64: Rebekka Oudheudsen (NED)
71: Iris Shouten (NED)
76: Dominique Beekhof (NED)

81: Myrthe Waalewiijn (NED)
87: Jessica Shouten (NED)
87+: Danique Sheppens (NED)


61: Andy Toha (SWE)
67: Edin Kalaca (BiH)
73: Artur Kotarja (ALB)
81: Goran Cetkovic (CRO)
89: Samuel Lundberg (SWE)
96: Amar Music (CRO)
102: Dino Smajic (BiH)
109: Franco Ferra (ALB)
+109: Mariglen Marku (ALB)

Winners of the River SAVA Cup:

Nejla Kalaca (BiH)
Melisa Suljevic (BiH)
Hana Suljevic (BiH)
Amina Masic (BiH)
Ismet Kovacic (BiH)
Edin Kalaca (BiH)
Belmin Kalaca (BIH)
Amar Demirovic (BiH)
Gabriel Stricks (NED)
Tarik Nachawati (NED)

Eris Alinj (ALB)
Alkeo Likja (ALB)
Andi Saraci (ALB)
Amardi Cella (ALB)
Dryland Ibershimi (ALB)

Winners of the Andrija Malec International and the Sarajevo Open International:

Zoe Eshuis (NED)
Sandra Arends (NED)
Elsa de Vries (NED)
Cecily Elis Sadowski (NED)
Zerin Kobilic (BiH)
Mak Numic (BiH)

Source: Bosnia and Herzegovina Weightlifting Federation


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