Source: Jesmond Caruana, European Small Nations Confederation General Secretary

The 45th European Small Nations Championship recently took place in Monaco, marking a significant milestone for weightlifting in smaller European countries. Before the competition began, the Confederation held a seminar focusing on considerations in weightlifting coaching for children and adolescents, emphasizing the importance of proper training from a young age.

During the general assembly, the Confederation made crucial decisions, welcoming Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands as new members, expanding its reach and inclusivity within the weightlifting community.

Eight countries participated in this year’s edition: Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta, Monaco, Luxembourg, the Faroe Islands, and San Marino, showcasing the growing interest and commitment to the sport among smaller nations.

The competition featured four groups, divided between men and women, with each senior team consisting of two men and two women, and one boy and one girl for the junior team.

In the senior mixed team category, Island emerged victorious, followed by Malta and Cyprus, demonstrating the competitive spirit and talent present in these nations.

In the junior team category, Malta claimed the top spot, with Iceland and San Marino securing second and third place respectively, highlighting the promising future of weightlifting among younger athletes.

Best mixed Teams: ISL, MLT, CYP

Individual performances also shone brightly, with athletes from various countries excelling in their respective categories. Tenishia Thornton from Malta stood out in the women’s division, while Dimitris Minasidis from Cyprus showcased his skills in the men’s category.

The success continued in the junior divisions, with Rylee Borg from Malta and Tenishia Thornton once again demonstrating their prowess on the weightlifting stage.

The doubles competitions further showcased the depth of talent, with Malta and Cyprus emerging victorious in the women’s and men’s categories respectively.

Tenishia Thorton (MLT): Best overall weightlifter In both junior and senior level
Rylee Borg (MLT): Best Junior athlete
Dimitris Minasidis (CYP): Best senior athlete
Best Women team MLT
Brynar Logi Halldorsson (ISL), second in men's senior division made historical results in Iceland with 300kg total at 82,3kg bw and 377,47 sinclair points, the highest sinclair points for Icelandic male for 32 years.

The championship concluded with gratitude towards Monaco for hosting a well-organized event and acknowledgment of the European Weightlifting Federation for its unwavering support in nurturing the development of weightlifting in smaller European nations.

The dedication and determination displayed by these European small nations underscore their commitment to the sport and signal a promising future for weightlifting within the Confederation.



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