Africa Coach Education Seminars and Workshops have been held in Cairo (EGY), and Johannesburg (RSA) :

  1. IWF International Coach Licence – Prepare for 2024
  2. IWF Level 2 Coach Award

Cairo, November 1st – 3rd, 2023 – 18 coaches.

Johannesburg, November 5th- 7th, 2023 – 28 coaches.

Cairo, EGY
Johannesburg, RSA

The IWF President, Mohammed Jalood, EWF President, Kt. Antonio Conflitti, and the WFA President, Khaled Mehalhel, officially opened the events.

The events began with IWF President Mohammed Jalood via Zoom. He thanked the Presidents of the EWF and WFA for their excellent collaboration. He also thanked the coaches for their participation in this important event. His message was unequivocal: “Coaches must understand that in the future if there is a problem with doping they will be punished too, not only the athlete”. “Athletes always turn first to their “father figure” the coach.”

Kt. Antonio Conflitti, President of the EWF, welcomed the implementation of the IWF Coach Licence program in Africa. “The EWF is delighted to support the WFA in this vital and fundamental program to further protect our sport.” The friendships between EWF and WFA is strong, and our WFA friends can count on our support at any time.”

WFA President Khaled Mehalhel thanked the Presidents of the IWF and EWF, as well as the coaches, for attending this important event. “A united Coach pathway is the way forward for the African continent. We must support the IWF Coach Development and Education Program.”

EWF CR&S Chairman Colin Buckley delivered the Seminars and Workshop programs in person, while IWF CRC member Dr Kyle Pierce delivered them via Zoom.

“The IWF Coach Licence is the way forward, it is a privilege to work with federation coaches who are willing to learn and share experiences with others. The 46 Coaches are first to lead the way in the continent of Africa and will act as mentors to support the new coaches joining this IWF pathway.”

Colin Buckley, Chairman of the EWF CRSC, delivered the Seminars and Workshop programs in Africa.

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