The European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) is proud to announce that it has found a new home in Switzerland. The formal registration process has been completed, and the EWF is now officially located in Zürich, Switzerland. This move marks an exciting chapter in the federation’s journey and is a significant step towards supporting the growth of weightlifting across Europe and beyond.

This move comes after the EWF Congress had previously discussed the benefits of having the federation’s headquarters located near the International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF) HQ. By choosing to work under Swiss law, which is specifically adapted for sports organizations, the EWF hopes to offer several benefits to the sport and the federation.

Overall, the EWF’s move to Switzerland is an exciting development that demonstrates the federation’s commitment to promoting weightlifting and supporting its community. The EWF is looking forward to this new chapter and is eager to continue its mission of making weightlifting accessible to all.

European Weightlifting Federation
c/o Dardikman Law Offices
Dreikönigstrasse 47
8002 Zürich
IDI CHE-336.709.758


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