Azerbaijan Weightlifting Cup among women, men, and masters, held on December 21-23 at the competition hall of Weightlifting Academy in Shuvalan settlement, Baku, ended. More than a hundred athletes competed in this tournament.
For the first time in the history of Azerbaijani weightlifting 25 women athletes took part in national-level competitions. They defined the absolute winner in different weight categories. Samira Rzayeva, Nazila Ismailova, Seljan Garayeva, Fazilya Imanova, Aisha Aliyeva, Fidan Mirzazade, Rahila Huseynzade, Leyla Maharramova and Elnara Rashidova won gold medals in their weight categories.
The absolute winner among women – representative of Lankaran city Rahila Huseynzadeh won the title of “The strongest sportswoman” in the Cup of Azerbaijan, with the 222,15 Sinclair points and was awarded with Azerbaijan Cup.
In the women’s team competition Sumgait city took 1st place with 115 points, Gazakh city took 2nd place with 126 points and Baku-Hercules team took 3rd place with 67 points. Teams were awarded with Azerbaijan Cup according to their places.
Men’s gold medals in their weight categories were won by Amin Osmanov, Turan Aliyev, Isa Rustamov, Omar Javadov, Fugan Aliyev, Sanan Mirzoev, Elshan Sharifov, Ali Shukurlu, Dadash Dadashbeyli and Ismail Gurbanov.
The absolute winner among men – Dadash Dadashbeyli, representative of Gobustan, won the title of “The strongest male athlete” in the Azerbaijan Cup, with a 393.93 Sinclair point and was awarded with Azerbaijan Cup.
In the men’s team competition Gazakh city took the 1st place with 216 points, Goranboy city took the 2nd place with 182 points and Gobustan’s region team took the 3rd place with 160 points.
Teams were awarded with Azerbaijan Cup according to their places.

The purpose of the Azerbaijan Cup is to determine the best sports organizations of the country in weightlifting, the best male and female athletes, the main, variable and reserve forces, consisting of promising weightlifters, to ensure the participation of masters athletes to be an example for teenagers and young athletes, in 2023 was to select stronger master athletes for the upcoming international level competitions.

Source: Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation

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