It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Mr. Marino Ercolani Casadei, founder, President, and Honorary President of the San Marino Weightlifting Federation. From 1991 to 2016, he was the General Secretary and/or Treasurer of the European Weightlifting Federation.

As a manager, he served on the Board of the FILPJ (Italian Weightlifting and Judo Federation) for three Olympic mandates, was a member of the San Marino Olympic Committee Executive Board, participated in the Moscow Olympics with judo, and then as a weightlifting ITO in 1984, 1988, and 1992 Olympic Games.

He was active and contributed to the development of sports in San Marino, including judo, gymnastics, wrestling, and athletics.

He was a post-stamp collector with a passion for weightlifting motives, and his collection is most likely the largest in the world.

Marino was the author of numerous sports publications, but his true passion was weightlifting.

He has written numerous articles and books, including:

For his commitment and his determination in constantly trying to innovate the sport of weightlifting, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) awards him with the “Pier De Coubertin Medals” for his extraordinary responsibility and dedication. For the same reason, Marino Ercolani Casadei was awarded the Gold Star for Sporting Merit by the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) last September.

Marino Ercolani Casadei was inducted into the IWF Weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2004, and just a few days ago, during the IWF congress in Bogota, was unanimously confirmed the IWF Gold Collar, the highest award that can be given. In 2016, Marino received a Gold Collar from the EWF.

The European Weightlifting Federation extends its heartfelt condolences to Mr. Casadei’s family, the San Marino Weightlifting Federation, and loved ones.

Marino will be sorely missed, and the Weightlifting family will remember him with love and respect.


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