EWF hopes to target its fans by partner with Weightlifting House.

WH was founded by Seb Ostrowicz in 2015 with a mission to bring the sport of weightlifting closer to its fans. Starting with a podcast, it has moved into online video, delivering over 10 million YouTube views.

“The WH mission has always been to bring the sport of weightlifting closer to its fans” says Seb Ostrowicz, founder and CEO of Weightlifting House. 

The EWF Marketing Commission Chairman is fully involved to reach new audiences and help grow the sport. “The EWF’s exclusive media rights partner – SPORTFIVE made it possible to widen the reach of the event by facilitating the cross partnership with Weightlifting House. The EWF is always looking for ways to excite their fans and reach more people. That’s why we wanted to work with Weightlifting House for the 100th European Championships as they have a large audience inside and outside of Europe. Over the last few years through his hard work, Seb Ostrowicz has become a recognized voice in the world of Weightlifting. Not only are Seb and Max revolutionizing programming with weightlifting A.I., they now aim to improve for good the way the sport is brought to the fans.”

By working with Weightlifting House the EWF can share the incredible battles and excitements of the competition to the fans of the sport both inside and, finally, outside of Europe.


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